Since Xanga Got Ruined, Here I Am! :-)


 I guess there’s always time for a fresh start. Had to bury a cousin yesterday and now it seems I may have to bury Xanga. Sad. All the pictures I had on Xanga are buried somewhere too. I should sue them for stealing my pictures. I’m going to turn myself into a bat and bite someone! Found a bat in the barn last month.Image

 I don’t know why he couldn’t fly.

I put him in the grass.


Then I put him in the tree.

ImageMethinks he smiled at me! The next morning he was gone. 🙂 Did that drive you




I actually picked this guy up! I thought it was a little ball of fluff on the hammock!

Took his picture.


Then I squished him. He popped and orange juice ‘spritzed’ out. Ugh.


Found time for a picnic. Should do more of that.


God bless and keep all of you, till next time.

8 thoughts on “Since Xanga Got Ruined, Here I Am! :-)

  1. You are giving up on Xanga already? What is this? WordPress? I’m going to give Xanga some time ~ surely they will get the bugs worked out. Love your background here ~ 🙂

  2. hey there! i totally left xanga, dismantling my whole site before i did. however, your xanga should appear intact when they finish moving everything onto the new server. have faith! i just left because the atmosphere was getting different. but i do miss some of the people that didn’t already go somewhere else.–karen

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  5. Dear ex-Xanga blogger,

    I do hope the bat was just an illustration for your frustration of Xanga letting its bloggers just in the dark not any warning giving them time enough to take measures not to loose any of their texts or illustrations.

    You shall find that WordPress is not only a much easier system to publish, it will offer you more (interesting) readers and writers to get in contact with.

    I do hope you will find your place in this virtual world but would be willing to contribute some interesting ideas to the real world for free.
    Good luck.

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